New Year Wishes



Be still and listen.

The power of intention is swirling above your head waiting for you to accept its inspirational guidance into the life specifically designed for you.

Just like that.

Real Magic.

Not the Easter bunny, tooth fairy kind, but the actual magic that we are all capable of creating when we believe.

So my wish for all is this… may the New Year place us in sync with our purpose and at peace with ourselves so that we can create the magic that we were intended to create spreading peace, love and kindness throughout the world.




As I sit here frustrated and staring at my blank screen; Bailey (my cat) jumps up on my computer desk as Puma (my other feisty cat with low tolerance levels ready to attack at any given moment) hops on my lap hindering my ability to move around freely. Bailey lays near the screen forcing me to adjust the keyboard and mouse to accommodate her. Puma has slightly hooked onto my skirt with the tips of his nails as a warning to me not to ruin his nap. My chair doesn’t dare swivel or move cause Leeno ( my dog) is under it and I would accidentally run over him.

Am I uncomfortable and upset? Not at all. I am thankful that they helped me fill a page that a few seconds ago was blank. Perception is everything. You see, they did not wake up from their comfortable spots throughout the house and purposely come into my office to inconvenience me. Rather, they felt my presence and wanted to be near me. They rely on the instincts and intuition given to them by nature. Here it is safe and you are loved.


Considering myself an artist. I allow my intuition to flow freely without obstructing it with logic and intellect. Osho has stated in one of his books that human intuition is the truth coming from within you, it is what brings meaning, joy, blessings, serenity and the secrets to existence into life. This does not mean that I don’t wish to sharpen my intellect whenever possible. Actually, I thirst for knowledge often feeling like a sponge wanting to soak up as much information as I can and as long as it does not conflict with my intuition all is well and peaceful. Repressing my intuition has often made me a grouchy complainer on the brink of an argument at any given moment trying to justify my vision of life. Feeling grateful that I have finally understood this, I can continue to write. There is always a part of my intellect that tries to discourage me. Now I can silence it and move on.

Greece is making waves.

With everything changing and rapidly becoming more and more chaotic, a strange peace comes over me. Uncertainty and insecurity have been the words describing our economy for the last decade at least. I feel that not knowing has been the worst part. There have been so many outcomes and scenarios; it is what politicians do best. They talk things to death going on forever without actually giving you any information. Nothing real, no answers, just like when you would bullshit through an essay in school with fancy words and long sentences because you didn’t have the answer, this is what they do best. They don’t have any real answers. They are not super humans and they have no super powers. I’m not even sure that they are humans at all. Actually, I find that they lack the essential deep sense of patriotism that should be running through their veins.

We’ve finally gotten to the end of our rope. No more words. We have a problem and it needs a solution. The situation will most likely get much worse before it gets any better. Having an equation gives you hope for a solution. This is where the peaceful feeling comes in. Problems never scare me. I have my high school Algebra teacher Mr. Kuzman to thank. “All equations have solutions and there is no one perfect way to solve them” he said. What an amazing concept!  So, I am ready and waiting to see what will happen. I am aware that “solving” an equation can only give you possible solutions that must be checked. This is what we are doing now, checking “other” possibilities since the previous ones did not give us the answers we need.

Remaining in an unattached state is what is saving me from madness. No matter what, I remain peaceful knowing that I am still in control of my thoughts, perspective and feelings. Television has never been entertaining enough for me and I don’t watch the news. When something will happen I am sure that I will find out about it. Besides, I hear all the news being repeated out of everyone’s mouth like a school play. Everywhere I go I can hear the arguments back and forth, the same words, the same ideas, and the same arguments.

I usually don’t talk or think about politics. Running countries is not something I know about or can do. That is what politicians should do and apparently they are not doing their job very well. I placed my vote with confidence in what I believe and headed for the beach. The End.waves2

So, here I am living through a historical moment in Greece where anything can happen. I’ve always secretly enjoyed a certain type of turmoil, the kind where things are changing
to give birth to a new idea or concept in the world.

Acknowledging only the simple things that I know exist and I can believe in, I remain open to new adventures. If the situation should call for a struggle, then I’ll wear my armor. As a spectator, I am sitting this one out. I can magically choose what I am going to do with my thoughts. Very simply, I’m keeping my spirits high feeling grateful for the wonderful things and people in my life as I let my dreams soar and stretch to reach my goals.



This is a world where there is no peace. Everyone seems to be (ironic as it sounds) fighting for it, wishing for it and praying for it. Since no one knows who to pray to anymore, I often wonder if the prayers scatter losing their direction and energy.

We stopped believing in everything else so we can believe in ourselves.

We altered the definitions of most moral concepts that we didn’t agree with to accommodate our fickle desires.

This is our world, where everything is normal, accepted and unreliable.

Science is exploding with discoveries, technology is booming by the second and we have become too intelligent and evolved to appreciate the simpler things in life. Everything is made to be more efficient and we still don’t have enough time.

Experts on becoming wealthy are everywhere promising success through online scams and financial education. Yet, there has never been a worse economy.

All this talk about everyone being linked to each other and becoming one with the universe, but we are actually interested only in our individual happiness.

And no one is happy anymore.

No one knows who they are. Everyone is soul searching trying to find themselves through meditation, personality quizzes and specialists who are taking advantage of the opportunity to make millions.

We are trying to fill in the empty spaces.

There was no empty space when I was growing up. Family filled in all those spots.

Family, the kind built on strong foundations and values.

It was cousins, aunts, uncles, pets and the occasional goat.

There were huge feasts and holidays.

There was so much laughter.

Today, families keep getting smaller until they no longer exist.

It makes sense that we feel lonely.

There are not enough people in our lives-

the kind of people who matter.

We expect relationships, hobbies or our careers to fill all the spaces.

They have their own spaces to fill.

Family can not be replaced and it’s quite a big space.


A woman wants more than anything to be desired.

She wants you to feel her enter the room, then immediately fall in love with her.

She wants to be the only one.

She needs you to touch her, everywhere.

Kiss her all over…

softly brushing your lips…

down her neck…

letting her feel your warm breath…

pouring yourself into her soul…

playfully and passionately.

A woman doesn’t have sex to get laid.

A woman has sex to be loved.

And she knows the difference.

My Advice

Moments of misery will always exist, filled with pain, remorse, and guilt. You will make mistakes, some of them real big ones that bring consequences you must deal with.

It means you are learning, growing and changing into someone better.

There will be times when you will be all alone. Sometimes you will want those who were there when you wished them to leave you.

You can’t always have what you want.

You can not control the weather, only your perspective and reaction to it.

In between there will be the good choices and the moments of bliss, inner peace, and love that follow.  You will make some amazing decisions that will bring you great success and happiness.


Take a moment to realize how amazing you are, pat yourself on the back and celebrate! Don’t wait or expect someone to do it for you but if they do, be grateful you have them.

Always be grateful for what you have.

When an opportunity arises that scares your socks off and fills you with unbelievable amounts of happy, take it. Live it to its fullest.

Open your mind to all possibilities.

Don’t let fear stop you; instead challenge it to a duel every time. Remember that, fear is nothing but imagined future experiences where you fail and hurt. That is all that fear is, a vivid imagination suggesting failure.

Last but not least and most important of all…fall in love, deeply, passionately and completely, always careful not to lose yourself along the way, as many times as you can with as many people, things or ideas that enter your life, lift your spirit and make you fly.

Some will stay and some will run away. Let go of your expectations, be honest with yourself and those who should will always be there.

Everyone has something to teach you.

Take out the trash. Negative thoughts and emotions left inside you become uncontrollable damaging monsters that weaken you. When the bag gets heavy, God is waiting to help you lift the burden from your soul. He is on your side and He has all the resources you need.

Just believe!10371185_697943090302715_5089689626529502763_o

The Dark Side

It isn’t the happy days that you use as a measure of your life’s greatness, but rather the gloomy days that make you see all that is much clearly. The happy state is often a cloudy vision that everything is just fine the way it is, a surreal fog. Only when you are consumed with sadness do you begin to notice the crack in the tile on the kitchen floor or the musty smell behind the closets. You realize that you’re not happy. On a happy day, chances are these things would either be unnoticeable or too small to pay attention to.

So you carry on your sour mood only to experience more of it. You keep it tucked away under your skin and use reminders to hold on to it, like the room that needs painted, the mess of dirty laundry spilling over and the time he called you useless and crazy. It’s an unavoidable misery. You notice that there is no light in the house because it can’t get in. All the windows are facing the wrong way and it’s turning into a cave. You know where the entrance is, but you don’t try to leave. Instead you pick a corner and sulk. Sitting there waiting for nothing to change.

The darkest moments are perhaps the most creative ones. A scary thought that is. The unhappy selfish side that demands it all and wants it without the wait is the one that brings satisfaction in the end.

The crazy, dysfunctional self that I read all those books to correct is actually the one I need to keep me successful. I am daily changing my perception, my mind and my emotions to create a better me. One that is more acceptable and more successful. Yet, the unbalanced one is the one I need to create that person. I need to go there every once in a while in order to understand me. I need to have the circumstances against me pressuring me to come out and create.  I actually want and like that part of me. Instead of fighting it and ignoring it or trying to alter it, I must unite with it.

I need to let it take me where it knows I need to go.