A Knowledge Pandemic?

In order to obtain anything in this life, you must look inwards and obtain yourself.

Begin at your roots.

With honesty, confront yourself in your most vulnerable state. 

The worst of lies are those we tell ourselves when we refuse to see past our ego and heal our hearts from the ailments that become monsters and devour us.

In “The Great Learning by Confucius”, we find the formula to a successful life explained simply. Virtue is the root, wealth is the result. No drastic methods here, just one golden rule that applies to everyone.This is perhaps the most valuable lesson in life given to us by the Chinese philosopher Confucius in 500 BC. 

Love without letting your passions and desires blindly drive you.

When we are under a strong emotional influence, our mind is not present and although we are looking we really don’t see.

I don’t think that our spiritual self is wrong. I believe in intuition very strongly. This is not about ignoring your heart and listening to your mind. This is about uniting them. 

Cultivate yourself.

Love, knowing the bad qualities of the object that you love and in hate, know the excellence of the object of your hate. 

I can almost see Yin Yang all over that last sentence. 

Imagine a world of social media where Pythagoras, Homer, Confucius, and many other ancient teachers and philosophers had an instagram. How different would society be if they were the influencers of the world? Imagine all those reckless hours of following senseless videos replaced with this kind of food for the soul. Imagine if our youth spent half the time they spend on social media cultivating their minds?

We live in an age where people, objects and ideas are often divinized. Our youth is constantly fed the notion that they have some right to always be happy and to always have all they desire. They are promised success without the hard work. This is the age of instant gratification and becoming an instant millionaire. 

There is no balance and no logic in these empty promises that eventually lead to disappointment and a notion of low self worth. So society creates people who flounder their precious time and then are ridiculed for not being successful.  

When they are not looking into screens and are faced with only themselves in the mirror, they are often scared, confused and lonely.

Perhaps because they have invested countless hours of countless days of their precious time into a meaningless collection of information. 

With what tools will they stand on their feet, discover their purpose and conquer their dreams?

Getting into the Deep Spiritual Issues.

Just wondering … do people read wheat?

You know how fortune tellers predict a person’s fortune by scattering rocks or bones, reading tea leaves or the bottom of the coffee cup? Well, I wonder if there is a tribe of people somewhere who pick a handful of wheat off the stocky branch and throw them to the ground predicting what will happen depending on the direction that they may fall.

It is interesting how we’ve all experienced that interest in discovering what the future will bring. We sometimes even believe a stranger reading of a bunch of tea leaves, yet we fail to listen to our own instincts. When faced with a difficult choice we sometimes rather take a step back, put our faith in destiny and hope that things will turn to our favor rather than take on responsibility of accepting the results of our actions. Nothing has ever gotten done by wishful thinking without doing.

Perhaps the power of positivity is often misunderstood or misused becoming the new guide to life for the lazy and afraid. Just think positive and everything will be okay?”

And when things don’t turn out as planned, desperation kicks in and down you go on your knees in prayer. Is that really the definition of prayer at all? Is it prayer when you are upset that things have not gone your way and you want them to change so you complain about it. I don’t think it is. God does not owe us anything. If your plans didn’t work out, then change them.

If you messed it up then you need to clean it up.

It is not prayer when you know the obvious and you want a miracle to take its place. You need to accept some things and move on. That’s life. A catchy phrase that helps me let go of horrible moments and situations that have no solution at the moment is saying “It is was it is” and then moving on.

To me, the true definition of prayer means having a real connection with myself and God( or universe, or Buddha…)by keeping a line of communication open, taking a moment to feel grateful for what is, connecting with my spiritual team players and accepting that gut feeling, My definition of prayer is when I have modeled my life to reflect God’s teachings of love and kindness while listening to my inner voice that can be referred to as intuition. Keeping connected means when I need that extra boost of strength, that tiny bit of patients or the confusion in my mind cleared up, my spiritual team steps in and helps me out. Having a team means I get to take breaks and breathe because they have my back.

No one has to agree with me and I am not looking to find followers nor do I wish to persuade anyone. Actually I enjoy a good philosophical chat just as my ancient Greek ancestors before me. Finally having found my own personal answers to so many questions regarding religion and spirituality feels so liberating and peaceful that I want to share it. Religion is man made. Just like any other man made concept or thing, it may be good or bad depending on how it is used. However, spirituality is something that when cultivated makes a person flourish and grow unlocking their full potential to succeed and live a full life.

For me personally, God is everywhere. He is as real as the ground I walk on and the jasmine scented breeze. He is everywhere and in everything that is not man made. He is the universe. On the other hand, He is not a puppeteer. He does not have my life planned out for me. It’s just that he knows the turn out of what I plan and since He can spot the danger ahead, like a team player He can warn me to take another path. He wants only the best for me. He does not plan illness and death for any of us. Some things are actually a coincidence and part of earthly living. That’s life. There are so many factors that our daily survival depend on which make being alive an actual miracle in itself.

Prayer is not about requesting my selfish concerns and material needs, Prayer is trying to reach an understanding with God’s help of the unimaginable. Prayer is becoming a team with the entire universe. Prayer is peace. Prayer is meditation. Through prayer I receive intuitive thought, strength and guidance because I turn away from my ego and actually listen to the universe that knows me better than anyone else.

Politics…why or why not?

Politicians are most often disliked because of the disappointments derived from the false expectations that they inject into peoples minds while enthusiastically campaigning for office. Naturally, they are liked by those who agree with them and disliked by those who disagree with their views.

Now here is one of those knives that cuts both ways.


I listen, learn and try to inform myself of what is going on here and around the world just like most people without getting all worked up over politics. Politics is not what drives me.

I do however have an innate response to accept challenges. Especially against all odds. The need to venture into new and unknown territory often a bit controversial is what drives me. To battle the impossible and find possibilities is an unbelievable charge that never fails to thrill me. It is where creativity thrives.


When I was invited to join this election my first instinct was to help the community in any way I can without actually being in the front line or even mentioned. I even asked if I could be somewhere on the sidelines where I can volunteer anonymously. However, after giving this some thought, I realized I would not be actually helping a community if I am not involving myself face to face with those around me. Today I felt the tickle of a challenge tempting me to discover this new territory.


It is a fact that once I decide to take on such a journey my weaknesses will definitely get in the way and entirely block the road many times. But I’ve learned to accept this challenge too because on the other side is a victorious, stronger and wiser me.

“Samos is my home not because I have no other choice, but because it has always been my choice and I would be honored to serve it to the best of my capabilities.”


Daffodils and Hyacinths

It could have been an armful of long stemmed red roses delivered to my door, it could have been a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or maybe a night out with my friends. Yesterday’s internationally celebrated “Woman’s Day” was none of the above, but so much more.

The day began with a handful of springtime blooms.

Calloused hands picked them as mother nature gifted them.

They were the perfect fit to my office vase, and quickly filled the room with their aroma.

Simple gestures, meaningful pauses and many many years in between. Love, friendship and family, it’s never all good, nor all bad. We don’t always want or need the same things. Yet, we shouldn’t ever turn our backs or give up on each other.

Accepting, learning, flourishing and moving forward.

The simple truths are reminders we need in order to re-evaluate our priorities and appreciate the often overlooked miracle of life.

“The astounding beauty of Samos captured by Manolis Thravalos”

New Year Wishes



Be still and listen.

The power of intention is swirling above your head waiting for you to accept its inspirational guidance into the life specifically designed for you.

Just like that.

Real Magic.

Not the Easter bunny, tooth fairy kind, but the actual magic that we are all capable of creating when we believe.

So my wish for all is this… may the New Year place us in sync with our purpose and at peace with ourselves so that we can create the magic that we were intended to create spreading peace, love and kindness throughout the world.



As I sit here frustrated and staring at my blank screen; Bailey (my cat) jumps up on my computer desk as Puma (my other feisty cat with low tolerance levels ready to attack at any given moment) hops on my lap hindering my ability to move around freely. Bailey lays near the screen forcing me to adjust the keyboard and mouse to accommodate her. Puma has slightly hooked onto my skirt with the tips of his nails as a warning to me not to ruin his nap. My chair doesn’t dare swivel or move cause Leeno ( my dog) is under it and I would accidentally run over him.

Am I uncomfortable and upset? Not at all. I am thankful that they helped me fill a page that a few seconds ago was blank. Perception is everything. You see, they did not wake up from their comfortable spots throughout the house and purposely come into my office to inconvenience me. Rather, they felt my presence and wanted to be near me. They rely on the instincts and intuition given to them by nature. Here it is safe and you are loved.


Considering myself an artist. I allow my intuition to flow freely without obstructing it with logic and intellect. Osho has stated in one of his books that human intuition is the truth coming from within you, it is what brings meaning, joy, blessings, serenity and the secrets to existence into life. This does not mean that I don’t wish to sharpen my intellect whenever possible. Actually, I thirst for knowledge often feeling like a sponge wanting to soak up as much information as I can and as long as it does not conflict with my intuition all is well and peaceful. Repressing my intuition has often made me a grouchy complainer on the brink of an argument at any given moment trying to justify my vision of life. Feeling grateful that I have finally understood this, I can continue to write. There is always a part of my intellect that tries to discourage me. Now I can silence it and move on.

Greece is making waves.

With everything changing and rapidly becoming more and more chaotic, a strange peace comes over me. Uncertainty and insecurity have been the words describing our economy for the last decade at least. I feel that not knowing has been the worst part. There have been so many outcomes and scenarios; it is what politicians do best. They talk things to death going on forever without actually giving you any information. Nothing real, no answers, just like when you would bullshit through an essay in school with fancy words and long sentences because you didn’t have the answer, this is what they do best. They don’t have any real answers. They are not super humans and they have no super powers. I’m not even sure that they are humans at all. Actually, I find that they lack the essential deep sense of patriotism that should be running through their veins.

We’ve finally gotten to the end of our rope. No more words. We have a problem and it needs a solution. The situation will most likely get much worse before it gets any better. Having an equation gives you hope for a solution. This is where the peaceful feeling comes in. Problems never scare me. I have my high school Algebra teacher Mr. Kuzman to thank. “All equations have solutions and there is no one perfect way to solve them” he said. What an amazing concept!  So, I am ready and waiting to see what will happen. I am aware that “solving” an equation can only give you possible solutions that must be checked. This is what we are doing now, checking “other” possibilities since the previous ones did not give us the answers we need.

Remaining in an unattached state is what is saving me from madness. No matter what, I remain peaceful knowing that I am still in control of my thoughts, perspective and feelings. Television has never been entertaining enough for me and I don’t watch the news. When something will happen I am sure that I will find out about it. Besides, I hear all the news being repeated out of everyone’s mouth like a school play. Everywhere I go I can hear the arguments back and forth, the same words, the same ideas, and the same arguments.

I usually don’t talk or think about politics. Running countries is not something I know about or can do. That is what politicians should do and apparently they are not doing their job very well. I placed my vote with confidence in what I believe and headed for the beach. The End.waves2

So, here I am living through a historical moment in Greece where anything can happen. I’ve always secretly enjoyed a certain type of turmoil, the kind where things are changing
to give birth to a new idea or concept in the world.

Acknowledging only the simple things that I know exist and I can believe in, I remain open to new adventures. If the situation should call for a struggle, then I’ll wear my armor. As a spectator, I am sitting this one out. I can magically choose what I am going to do with my thoughts. Very simply, I’m keeping my spirits high feeling grateful for the wonderful things and people in my life as I let my dreams soar and stretch to reach my goals.