Greece is making waves.

With everything changing and rapidly becoming more and more chaotic, a strange peace comes over me. Uncertainty and insecurity have been the words describing our economy for the last decade at least. I feel that not knowing has been the worst part. There have been so many outcomes and scenarios; it is what politicians do best. They talk things to death going on forever without actually giving you any information. Nothing real, no answers, just like when you would bullshit through an essay in school with fancy words and long sentences because you didn’t have the answer, this is what they do best. They don’t have any real answers. They are not super humans and they have no super powers. I’m not even sure that they are humans at all. Actually, I find that they lack the essential deep sense of patriotism that should be running through their veins.

We’ve finally gotten to the end of our rope. No more words. We have a problem and it needs a solution. The situation will most likely get much worse before it gets any better. Having an equation gives you hope for a solution. This is where the peaceful feeling comes in. Problems never scare me. I have my high school Algebra teacher Mr. Kuzman to thank. “All equations have solutions and there is no one perfect way to solve them” he said. What an amazing concept!  So, I am ready and waiting to see what will happen. I am aware that “solving” an equation can only give you possible solutions that must be checked. This is what we are doing now, checking “other” possibilities since the previous ones did not give us the answers we need.

Remaining in an unattached state is what is saving me from madness. No matter what, I remain peaceful knowing that I am still in control of my thoughts, perspective and feelings. Television has never been entertaining enough for me and I don’t watch the news. When something will happen I am sure that I will find out about it. Besides, I hear all the news being repeated out of everyone’s mouth like a school play. Everywhere I go I can hear the arguments back and forth, the same words, the same ideas, and the same arguments.

I usually don’t talk or think about politics. Running countries is not something I know about or can do. That is what politicians should do and apparently they are not doing their job very well. I placed my vote with confidence in what I believe and headed for the beach. The End.waves2

So, here I am living through a historical moment in Greece where anything can happen. I’ve always secretly enjoyed a certain type of turmoil, the kind where things are changing
to give birth to a new idea or concept in the world.

Acknowledging only the simple things that I know exist and I can believe in, I remain open to new adventures. If the situation should call for a struggle, then I’ll wear my armor. As a spectator, I am sitting this one out. I can magically choose what I am going to do with my thoughts. Very simply, I’m keeping my spirits high feeling grateful for the wonderful things and people in my life as I let my dreams soar and stretch to reach my goals.