My Advice

Moments of misery will always exist, filled with pain, remorse, and guilt. You will make mistakes, some of them real big ones that bring consequences you must deal with.

It means you are learning, growing and changing into someone better.

There will be times when you will be all alone. Sometimes you will want those who were there when you wished them to leave you.

You can’t always have what you want.

You can not control the weather, only your perspective and reaction to it.

In between there will be the good choices and the moments of bliss, inner peace, and love that follow.  You will make some amazing decisions that will bring you great success and happiness.


Take a moment to realize how amazing you are, pat yourself on the back and celebrate! Don’t wait or expect someone to do it for you but if they do, be grateful you have them.

Always be grateful for what you have.

When an opportunity arises that scares your socks off and fills you with unbelievable amounts of happy, take it. Live it to its fullest.

Open your mind to all possibilities.

Don’t let fear stop you; instead challenge it to a duel every time. Remember that, fear is nothing but imagined future experiences where you fail and hurt. That is all that fear is, a vivid imagination suggesting failure.

Last but not least and most important of all…fall in love, deeply, passionately and completely, always careful not to lose yourself along the way, as many times as you can with as many people, things or ideas that enter your life, lift your spirit and make you fly.

Some will stay and some will run away. Let go of your expectations, be honest with yourself and those who should will always be there.

Everyone has something to teach you.

Take out the trash. Negative thoughts and emotions left inside you become uncontrollable damaging monsters that weaken you. When the bag gets heavy, God is waiting to help you lift the burden from your soul. He is on your side and He has all the resources you need.

Just believe!10371185_697943090302715_5089689626529502763_o